Architectural Silhouettes

Architectural Silhouettes

This is a collection of architectural photography from a variety of buildings and places I have come across. As the name suggests, it’s main aim is to document what I call ‘silhouettes’ created by architecture of the different buildings – the play between form, composition and proportions. Amongst others, the collection includes buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum and Seagram Building in New York or the Elbphilharmonie and historic Speicherstadt in Hamburg. In each of these cases I wanted to focus on a particular view or detail that reveals the very essence, character or magic of the what makes the architecture of these buildings so successful in my view. The photographs key focus as-well as tool is composition as I find it to be one of the most crucial components of both architecture and photography.


  • Category : Architecture
  • Date :  2015-16
  • Locations : Hamburg, Berlin, New York, London

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